Best Cushion BB cream- Review


We live in an era where flawless skin is the literal standard of beauty. Not that inner beauty doesn’t count but let’ be real, we all want to look at our selfies and go “Damn girl!”.
Keeping in mind that not all of us are good at makeup, beauty field went a step ahead and came up with this genius thing called BB cream but every product has it’s drawbacks. And the the savior came, the ultimate cushion BB creams and foundations.

On a hunt of the best cushion BB cream out there we found this one by Bynanda Continue reading



Diving into the world of beauty, you wouldn’t be unaware of the term “Organic” used every 10 seconds. *YIKES!* But honestly, organic beauty products are really beneficial you find the ones that are genuine and suit your skin type well. After the vegan products hype, organic soaps took a swift pace walk in the beauty industry and swept it off it’s feet.

In the honour of beauty blogging and being one of the influencers, I was bound to test the hype Continue reading

Which Korean Sheet Masks Suits your Skin Type ?


With the ascend of Korean skincare and flawless result of the sheet masks, it’s now the hot talk of the beauty world. From Hollywood celebs to Beauty bloggers, everyone is raving about the sheet masks and their enormous benefits. But do you know which sheet mask will suit your particular skin type? Continue reading

Organic Soap Review- Ft. Yellow Berry

organic skincare

The best part about skincare is that it keeps on evolving. With every passing day, a new and less harmful way of skincare is being bought into the spot light.
I have never been a fan of organic soaps, before I got my hands on this bad boy here form Yellow Berry. They were Continue reading

Top 3 Home Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

how to get rid of Facial hair at home

Let’s face it! Being a girl is no less of a task in itself. Sure you can look pretty and beautiful, turn a lot of heads but that requires a lot effort! I mean it.. A lot!! You don’t only have to take care of your diet but your skin, your schedule and everything that lies beyond witchcraft! YES! I said witchcraft. And for the moment Continue reading

Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco -Review


If you’ve ever been in a hair situation that required your undivided attention in order to keep to luscious lock intact but you’ve been either too busy or way too lazy for it, congratulations! we are in the same boat….. *Slow claps*

For me, specially during my exam season, my hair are on the verge of literally giving up on me! I mean not that my hair are high maintenance or some jazz but whenever you are under stress, you hair and face are the first ones to take affect. Continue reading

Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturiser- Review


Finding a summer friendly moisturizer is as hard as finding a pearl in a seas shell, these days! I know it because, most of the moisturizers that I love are  either to thick to be considered “summery” or either make me sweat like a walrus in the sun. So, I try and keep mixing and matching face moisturizers, since am a super moisturizer lover.
I want my hand and face to be silky soft, girl! Continue reading

Garnier BB cream- Review

best BB cream

Summers and the right foundation for summer, are two of the most crucial things! Just as summers are approaching further into the year, it’s about time to giddy up and get the right shades in for a healthy looking skin rather then a melted face full of unmatched makeup. We don’t want that, do we? *Aye aye, Captain!*
As my mum always say, There’s nothing better then a BB cream when it comes to summer makeup. Sure you can use foundation if you are up for a night event, but for a summer day, out with friends, BB cream can give you all the benefits of foundation in turn keeping your skin breathable and glowy! Continue reading

DIY: Spa Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Facial for glowing skin

I am a super skeptical person when it comes to my skin care. I either go full on natural and turn into John Keats of skincare or just let my skin breathe in the fresh air and self repair. But however busy I get I try my level best to give myself a little pamper session once in every two weeks atleast to ensure I am looking fine and not like a zombie apocalypse just struck me. Continue reading

Garnier UltraLift- Pro X (Plumpimg Cream)- Review

Best eye plumping cream

When it comes to student life, pulling all nighters and maintaining a perfectly awake, de-puff eyes is quite a struggle. In fact these days, not only students but every single person is the victim of the horrible eye bags, fine lines under eyes and hyper pigmented under eye area. People who are just out of the teens, like myself might not apparently need an eye serum or any anti-aging formulas but dermatologists suggest Continue reading