Arabic Perfumes and Fragrances Online in Pakistan


The first word that comes to your mind after someone says summer is definitely perfume or deo or any sort of fragrance that will keep the sweat odor away for a good amount of time. Not that summers are not ideal to have fun or think of ice creams rather then sweat and fragrances *lol* but you always need a boost of confidence through the day and if you start it off with someone telling you about how you smell, that’s not very ideal. Continue reading


$2 Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter Dupe?

becca champagne pop dupe

When it comes to following trends and keeping up with pace of glamour evolution, one of the most significant trend, yet to uphold the crown is highlighters. Yes! from just a dab on your nose tip to full on strobing, the highlighting trend never stopped popping.

Becca is considered on of the most preferred bran among the highlighting squads. The most iconic shade being champagne pop, which is a very beautiful, warm, almost melted golden shade. But the price is kinda off the pocket friendly limits Continue reading

Easy Day to Night look Transformation!

afforadabe drugstore makeup


In the recent times Revolution Make Up has made a HUGE impact among bloggers and make up artists alike. A fabulously affordable make up brand with lots of positives.
Today I am sharing with you my favorite buy so far. So please put your hands together and applause the Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2. This palette boasts 12 earthy shades, ranging from gorgeous sheer mattes to a shiny metallics. Each different shade is super pigmented and really build able. I always find when you can layer intensities in color you actually end up with about 5 different shades of one color which is really beneficial when purchasing

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The Best Pressed Glitters Ever!! Under $12


So we all have been under the Instagram spell of glitz and glam for quite a while now. But as the time is passing holographic pieces of makeup as well as glittery eyes are taking over the internet. And of course being beauty influencers, we have a prior duty towards you guys to try and fish out the best deals and products!

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Glitter Cut Crease Look For Beginners

Glitter Cut Crease Mkauep

This is a Guest post by Marta fromThis Is Simply Me

After finishing my first makeup course, I started to experiment with makeup much more. My go to look always consisted of a simple eye and statement lip. This time I wanted to go completely out of my comfort zone. Not only I played around with pink eye shadows, Continue reading

Makeup Brushes Names & Uses


So just when we all like to think  that we have conquered the art of makeup and we are all set to step into the “real world” of makeup, there come the Makeup Brushes! Laughing at us. Moreover, there are so many of them you literally lose the count! Makeup Brushes online are one of the reason I am going broke for buying them all and yet using non because of lack of knowledge about them!

So today I thought, why not help you guys out in order to check off Continue reading

DIY: Fix Broken Makeup Without Alcohol

How to fix broken makeup without alcohol

So a few days back, I got my hands on the Urban Decay “Flushed” blush palette. I couldn’t be anymore happier when I saw it on a local online store site which fortunately enough, delivered to my country!  *PHEW*. I just had gotten my pocket money cheque so I went straight for it and ordered the gorgeous palette. It has a bronzer, a highlighter and a very lovely pinky peach blush.

I was so glad and waiting for Continue reading

April Wishlist

best highlighters

Every now and then, the beauty products on the market are updating. With new promises and splendid packaging, they are almost irresistible to buy either they are for your skin type or not, you just gotta have that piece in your makeup bag because of  either of the reason
1: The internet Hype, Of course!
2: It previously worked wonders for your friend.

I always love making these wishlists, for some certain reason Continue reading