Forever 21, Etsy Haul

A couple of weeks back, I was sitting in front of my laptop, browsing..browsing..browsing. I was kinda bored. Student life is redundant and boring, people! I told my mum about how bored I was and wanted to do something but couldn’t really figure it out. And she being the best person in the universe said: “Order yourself some jewellery online, kid” I was like “YES! that’s exactly what I need!”

So hung up, wore my online shopping cape and TA-DA! here I am with a haul.

Though it’s a mini haul but.. I really spent a handsome amount on it, and being a student, I did myself proud 😀
So, without further ado, lets get into it.


So, First I got this Chain clutch from Etsy. It was 36$ and with shippin I paid a total of 51$. I know, I know, it was way too much for me as a student to pay simultaneously for a clutch but look at it! It’s a beauty. It’s the perfect mix between vintage and chic. At the same time, it’s adorably floral so it’s suitable for spring days as well! I am so in love with this piece.


Next on the list is this gorgeous..gorgeous aztec influenced faux stone ring. It was 10.90$
It’s quite a heavy ring but works really well as a statement piece. Very elegant, super classy and can be easily mixed and matched with outfits.


Up next are these floral studs from Forever21. They were 3.90$. There are metallic petal with engravings and a diamond placed in. Again, very elegant, spot on for spring and can be easily worn with almost every outfit. From the flowy dresses to sheer floral tops, it’s a Win, win!


Last on the list are these super badass yet romantic bold chunky ear studs. They retailed for 2.90$. I think it was actually a very good deal.These piece are very in trend these days and could work along anything including denim overall, bicker jackets or double denim!

Which one’s your favorite piece? Comment below, lovelies.
Much love xx



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