Makeup Brushes Names & Uses


So just when we all like to think  that we have conquered the art of makeup and we are all set to step into the “real world” of makeup, there come the Makeup Brushes! Laughing at us. Moreover, there are so many of them you literally lose the count! Makeup Brushes online are one of the reason I am going broke for buying them all and yet using non because of lack of knowledge about them!

So today I thought, why not help you guys out in order to check off this final level off your list and be technically and apparently better at makeup! You don’t need a bunch of tool but just a few basics to ace the makeup artistry. So without further ado,  let’s get into it.


♥︎ Foundation Brush:

For the perfect coverage and flawless application, use the foundation brush in circular motions. The brush is a good option when ever opting for a heavier coverage.

♥︎ Beauty Blender:

The most precise and easy-to-use tool in your makeup bag is this bad boy! Best suitable for liquid foundations with build able and a more air brushed look. It can also help you with blending cream blushers and  liquid highlighters.

♥︎ Powder Brush:

This is a fluffy brush with an apparently bigger head as compared to other brushes. It’s used to apply bronzers, blush and powder highlighters as well. The coverage it gives it light and subtle.

♥︎ Contour Brush:

This fluffy yet slightly angled brush is used to slay your contour game! Either sculpting your jawline or defining your cheekbones, this tool is your best friend to stay in the chiseled face structure trend!

♥︎ Kabuki Brush:

This tiny little brush with a fluffy head is used to setting powders under the eyes and mineral foundation application for all over coverage, with utter ease.

♥︎ Concealer Brush:

Just as the name says, it’s used to give you the best concealer application on any blemishes and the tapered end is for the precise reach to small areas like around the nose.

♥︎ Angled Liner Brush:

This is your all day, every day holy grail tool. From eyebrows on fleek to slaying that winged liner, this tool has got your back!

♥︎ Fan Brush:

This tool is just as cool as it’s name. Used to brush off the excess powder fall out and also for a feathery application of highlight on your cheek bones!

How to contour for beginners


I hope this little guide on how to use makeup brushes was helpful enough to get you through the day without committing a beauty blunder! Do you have any pro tips on using these tool any better? Share them down below!

Good luck x


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