Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco -Review


If you’ve ever been in a hair situation that required your undivided attention in order to keep to luscious lock intact but you’ve been either too busy or way too lazy for it, congratulations! we are in the same boat….. *Slow claps*

For me, specially during my exam season, my hair are on the verge of literally giving up on me! I mean not that my hair are high maintenance or some jazz but whenever you are under stress, you hair and face are the first ones to take affect. So during my hunt to find the perfect and no-mess solution for my hair during the “game of exams”, I came across this bottle of miracle called “Renewing + Argon Oil of Morocco”

Okay now! if you are like me, having dead straight silky hair and think oil will make your hair even more slick and volume deprived…THINK AGAIN! I mean it girls! I thought the same too until I used a few oils that actually worked with this Argan oil being one of them.

Usually Argan oils can be on the pricier side, and Hey! no hard feelings for hair care but being a student is also a massively high maintenance lifestyle! *Am I right or am I right?* But this specific one is fortunately enough really pocket friendly.

The consistency is pretty thick and it has a mild scent to it, which is very pleasant. And due to it’s consistency, a little goes a long way. Soon after you put it in your hair, it leaves no trace of oily-ness on your hair or hands. YES! All it gives you is shine, frizz control and utter satisfaction when you apply it over your freshly styled hair.

I personally like to apply it in damp hair. A little tip, if your hair are dead straight, don’t apply it to your scalp, just apply to the very ends of your hair(roots) and generally on the top through the strands and VOILA!

I highly recommend this oil with a 5/5 ♥️

What is your fave hair oil? Share you hair secrets in the comment below.

Good Luck x


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