DIY: Fix Broken Makeup Without Alcohol

How to fix broken makeup without alcohol

So a few days back, I got my hands on the Urban Decay “Flushed” blush palette. I couldn’t be anymore happier when I saw it on a local online store site which fortunately enough, delivered to my country!  *PHEW*. I just had gotten my pocket money cheque so I went straight for it and ordered the gorgeous palette. It has a bronzer, a highlighter and a very lovely pinky peach blush.

I was so glad and waiting for it to arrive and the parcel finally arrived a few days back! I went rushing to the door to receive my little cheek heaven. But as soon as I opened the parcel, my heart broke into a million pieces. WHY? It broke in the transit.
fixing broken makeup with water

I was so upset but since I am a beauty enthusiast , I had to pick myself and go find the bottle of rubbing alcohol but all in vain! But I couldn’t give up on it. So I came up with this hack! And it worked like a charm for me and I thought to myself, WHY NOT SHARE IT?

So here’s how you fix your beloved broken makeup, without alcohol!

❤︎ You will Need:

❤︎ A makeup wipe / Tissue paper
❤︎ A Plastic Spoon❤︎ A Dropper
❤︎ Some water (At Room Temperature)
how to fix broken makeup with water


Gather all the shattered pieces of the makeup in the respective block using a spoon. Now pour water in the dropper and put water on the needed areas.
how to fix broken makeup for beginners


Press the makeup wipe/ tissue paper on top of the areas where u just poured the water. Repeat the process till you’re happy with the outcome.
how to fix broken blush

AND THAT’S ALL! Simple right? My blush corners were a bit chipped because I lost the bits whilst experimenting. Ha ha. But for the rest, it’s good as new! I swatched it later and it’s just as pigmented.
best bronzer

Have you ever faced such makeup emergency? If you ever try this don’t forget to tag me on twitter or instagram @heybeautybae with the hashtag #Heybeautbaehacks

Good Luck xx






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